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F.G. Hourtoulle

François Guy Hourtoulle, Born on 20 September 1925 in Angoulême. Died on January 30, 2009 in Paris. He was a French surgeon, and writer and essayist in the field of history, particularly the Revolution and the Empire, as well as medicine. He was a student at Stanislas College and the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. He was surgeon at the Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif and then head of the department of surgery at the Centre Henri-Becquerel cancer center in Rouen 

Officer of the Legion of Honour 2002
Croix de Guerre 1939-1945
Colonial Medal
Violon d'Ingres: painting (including uniforms and scenes of military life). 

Works devoted to Napoleonic history: 
Soldats et Uniformes du Premier Empire (Series of 89 color plates and accompanying text, 1965-1972) 
Le Général Comte Charles LaSalle, 1775-1809 (1970)
Davout the Terrible, 1770-1823 (1975) 
Ney, le brave des braves (1981) 
L’Epopee Napoleonienne (Reprint in book form of Soldats et Uniformes du Premier Empire, 1997)
Iéna, Auerstaedt, the Triumph of the Eagle (1998)
Wagram, l'apogée de l'Empire, (2000)
Borodino, la Moskowa, la bataille des redoutes, (2000)
Austerlitz, le soleil de l'Aigle, (2003)
Soldiers and Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars (English reprint in book form of Soldats et Uniformes du Premier Empire, 2004) 
1814, La Campagne de France, (2005)
D'Eylau à Friedland: la campagne de 1807 (2007?). 
le passage de la Berezina, une Victoire dans la deroute, (2012)