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Privacy and Security

If you are like me, I want as little information about me on the web as possible, so privacy is a no brainer. I only collect as much information about you that I need to process your order and communicate with you about your order’s status. That information is name, email, billing and shipping address. All of that information is encrypted before it is stored in my database. I use ebay for payment processing, so I don't collect any credit card information. That is the only information that I keep and I do not share it with anybody, not even with my dog. Just kidding. I don’t own a dog. Even if I did, I still wouldn’t let him see it.

The web site does use cookies. They are required for the proper operation of the site and only used for that purpose. The site also makes use of Javascript to perform various functions directly in your browser. This allows a faster and smoother user interface (I hate that term, but it has it’s uses) and experience. So, when you visit my site, please allow both cookies and scripts.  The only tracking script I use on my site is Google Tracking. I use it to make the site as visible to visitors as possible.  Without it, there is a good chance you would never have found this site and would have missed out on all the great deals! 

This web site conforms to all the security requirements of the credit card industry - even though I don't directly accept credit cards! The entire site is protected by standard SSL security as you will note by the HTTPS prefix on all the page URLs.