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uniformes, Issue No 71

uniformes les armees de l'histoire, Issue No 71
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Item #: uniformes-71
uniformes les armees de l'histoire, Issue No 71
Societe d'Edition de Revues d'Armes, Paris, 1983
Price: $3.00
This is issue No 71, Janvier 1983 of “uniformes les armees de l'histoire”, a full color b-monthly publication devoted to the study of military history, militaria, and military uniforms. This issue contains articles on:
The colors of the German States 1842-1918 by Jean-Louis Larcade
Langlois, Soldier, Painter, and Panoramist by Francois Robichon
The Chasseurs of the Free French by Jacques Sicard
The Soldier of 1791, the Fusilier of the National Guard by Michel Petard
The Chasseurs of Africa by Louis Delperier

The issue is 48 pages including the front and back covers. 

The condition is as shown in the product images which are photographs of the actual volume. It is in used condition with normal signs of use and aging but otherwise is in very good  condition.

“Gazette des uniformes et des armes” originated as a magazine that dealt with both weapons and uniforms until number 18, and then split into 2 journals that each specialized in its own field. “Uniformes” therefore began at number 19 in May of 1974 under the name of "Gazette des Uniformes", then became, a few years later (between #34 and #37), "uniformes les armées de l'histoire" or more simply “uniformes”. 

“Uniformes” is devoted to the study of primarily French uniforms but also includes information about other countries. Many of the articles are written by well known historians and artists in the fields of military history and uniformology There are articles about specific army units, items of equipment, famous military artists, militaria, military society meetings, and figurines. Many issues contain an article by Michel Petard from his wonderful “l’homme de…” series, many of which were later combined into the book “de Fontenoy a Waterloo”. Each article takes a particular unit of the French army and gives the unit history and a detailed description and illustrations of its uniform and equipment. These alone are, to me, worth collecting this important publication.